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Our Restaurant Is A Collection Of Amazing People Striving To Build Delightful FOOD FOR EVERY MOOD

CHAI-VAAI CAFÉ is managed by whole set of Professional’s  in the hospitality industry , We have operations and franchising handled with a team backed with 16 years of hard core experience  in operations and training , we have individuals with great strategy who leads the marketing and promotions. Over all the Brand is owned by Simran Gurnani , who runs the Entire show under her own guidelines , who herself is a amazing cook, With her Daughter Diya Gurnani , who helps running the operations . As a brand CHAI-VAAI CAFÉ follows very strict guidelines when it comes to Cleanliness , Freshness , Hygienic Preparation , Quality checks , Maintaining FIFO , and adhering to S.O.P (standard operating procedure) and Staff Management. CHAI-VAAI CAFÉ , brand comes from the Foodie City of India , which is called INDORE or MP09 (Madhya Pradesh) , the first outlet is based out of Heart of the student hub , Bhawarkuan , And the expansion plans are already in progress in Vadodara , Nagpur , Dalhousie , Ahmadabad and working towards expanding in more cities , PAN INDIA. Collaborate with CHAI-VAAI CAFÉ , as Franchise Partners And grow with understanding the value of Serving Food With LOVE .

The Brand

CHAI-VAAI CAFÉ , we feel cooking is all about people . Food is maybe the only Universal thing that really has the Power to bring everyone together. No matter what Culture, what Age, what Gender, What Place, City, Country are you from , We for sure Know everywhere around the World, people eat TOGETHER. “WE BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER” CHAI-VAAI CAFÉ (SPILL THE TEA) the tag line also Means is to tell ‘TRUTH, or something ‘JUICY’ We tend to get crowd of different age groups , With different mind sets , with different taste buds ,who like to mingle over our Amazing selection of MENU. Our Selection Of the Menu is hand-picked , to cater Every sort of crowd , to delight every Guest who walks in the café . The menu doesn’t over do any item in Any section , every item on the Menu is put precisely with loads of Mind and taste behind it . CHAI-VAAI CAFÉ is new and growing Brand with a range of Hot-Tea’s, Coffee, Sandwiches, Burgers, Pasta & Lasagna’s, Toastie’s, Maggi, Wraps, Pizza’s, our special section which is called - Maa Menu- which caters absolute version of home cooked food specially for Those who are far away from home and lastly our cold section which is called T.M.S.(thick milk shakes) and Chillo’s


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Chai Vaai Cafe is just round the corner from where I work, which is how I have discovered this little gem. I come here daily for my filter coffee
Staff is friendly and quirky and I can honestly say that I look forward to calling in here everyday.
Great spot for lunch, from soups to main course every item is delicious.
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